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ppr joints

ppr joints
ppr joints
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Product Code : 19
Brand Name : euroaquappr
Product Description
PPR Pipe Joints
Joints of the EUROAQUA PPR  pipes and fittings are usually done by poly-fusion welding which is a fundamental property of this system. This a very simple process  of mixing of melted material of external surface of the pipe and internal surface of the fitting, after heating them up to 260 °C  on the small welding tool. After properly made welded joint, when cut through(cross section), shows no mark of contact surface between two elements i.e. pipe and fitting in the entire volume of joint. Thus fusion process gives homogeneous, integral long lasting leak proof joints for life time.
Joint Procedure
Cutting – Cut PPR pipes to the required length by cutter.
Cleaning – Clean the cut end if necessary. Pipe ends must be dry & clean cut at right angles.
Marking – Mark the required insertion depth (welding depth) on the pipe with the help of suitable marker.

Heating – Ensure that the indicator light on the welding device signals that the device is hot enough (260 °C) for welding. First weld can be made after 5 minutes when heating light gets off. Heat the pipe and fitting on the polyfusion device as per the recommended heating times. (The heating times starts, when pipe and fitting have been pushed to the correct welding depth on the matrices.) While heating the pipe and fitting in the matrices, apply slight pressure from both sides.

Welding – After specified heating & holding time, remove the pipe and fitting out of the matrices. Heated end of pipe should be pushed in to the flared end of hot fitting down to the previously marked depth. Do not turn or twist the pipe or fitting while pushing in to the matrices and pulling out of the matrices.

Cooling – After the specified cooling time, the joint gets a first stiffness, after this phase next joint can be made.



Pipe Minimum Heating Maximum process Total Cooling
0.D. mm Insert Depth mm Time at 260 °C  sec. Time sec. Time min.
16 13 5 4 2
20 14 6 4 2
25 16 7 4 2
32 18 8 6 4
40 20 12 6 4
50 23 18 6 4
63 27 25 8 6
75 29 30 8 6
90 31 40 9 6
110 34 50 10 8
160 36.9 60 12 9